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Big old field trip (and post #400!)

Wow! What a day I had. I can't even begin to tell all of it... basically what I did was just take pictures, posted them on Facebook, and put on some captions there.

We took a field trip all over an area of the country I'm in today. We visited three Catholic churches. Early on in the field trip, at the first (and biggest) church, we had to ask locals what was so important about this church and what its history was.

We asked one of the security guards there, and since the assignment was to ask two people, we went over and asked the gift shop clerks too. An older man behind us in line took a liking to us and talked to us a little bit after we had our questions answered by the clerks.

To begin, he introduced himself to our group and... asked me if I was the teacher! I'm not sure how to take that. I'm assuming it was in recognition of superior Spanish pronunciation or some sort of confidence in having asked the first two questions? (I'm just guessing here!) Considering I'm actually the second youngest of the group..... there is one other girl (who shares my first name, ironically) who is five days younger than I am.


mafia said…
Maybe you look like a teacher...:-D
RS said…
That's what pastor says!
Tortured-Turkey said…
perhaps you are a teacher?
RS said…
Only to my sister, as far as I'm aware.

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