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Home, sweet home…. by bus

I made it home.

After spending 24 of the last 40 hours on a bus or in a van.

(By which I mean, 20 hours by bus from Manhattan to my cousins’ place, then more than 4 hours from my cousins’ to home. Time spent on bus layovers was made up for by driving from the bus station to my cousins’ and from there to the graduation ceremony.)

How am I not crazy?

  1. Two good-sized novels pass the time quite pleasantly. (I read some of my favorites, Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott.)
  2. I much prefer being chauffeured over driving myself. Go figure. (That’s why I loved the public transportation options in NYC.)
  3. Simon and Garfunkel provide a perfect soundtrack to a trip to New York City. Seriously, half their songs are specific to Manhattan. I loved it.
  4. It is actually possible to sleep on a bus. (Not too comfortably, and not too long, but it is possible.)
  5. Mothers are fun to talk to on long van trips.
  6. And sisters supply a great variety of songs to sing along to.
  7. Staring out the window has its benefits, as well.
  8. Lastly, when a bus ticket costs a lot less than a plane ticket, and makes you feel more independent, it’s worth it.


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