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Post number 503 (and that’s no joke)

I’ve had this personal blog since August of 2006… so we’re coming up on 4 straight years of blogging at one domain. Before that—as some of you will remember—I had a blog at the now-defunct KleverBlogs from January 2005 until the move here.

And today we celebrate 503 posts on this blog! *starts throwing confetti*

*starts cleaning up confetti*

In addition, my e-mail tells me (via a holy and devoted e-mail folder of blog comment notifications) that I have received 753 comments (“replies”) to posts here at the blog. Of course, that does not count the comments that came when the automatic e-mail notifier wasn’t working. But since it’s the only official number I have, we’ll go with that.

Congratulations to da_baum for posting the 750th comment!

Here’s to another four years of my blogging. But most importantly, to another four years of random comment threads!


da_baum said…
*parties like it's 1999*

It needed to be said, and since Sam hasn't said anything in a long while, I figured it was my duty to my fellow friends, Romans, and countrymen. Or...something like that...
mafia said…
thus you have abandoned wasting time on facebook and moved to (is the word stalking?) my sister's blog? :-D

wow, that seems such a short time to have been on to the random comment threads, that shouldn't be too hard with the company you keep (just to clarify, this statement is not meant as another slam on pobre Baum, as it could be so construed; neither is it entirely solemn, but involves laughter, as do most of my comments :-D).
da_baum said…
Ha, I suppose you could say I'm stalking her takes up far less time though. Five minutes or less here compared to the hours I'd spend on Facebook is a good trade-off, I think.
RS said…
Abby: this thread = case in point. Random comment threads live! :D

John: yeah, reading a blog has a definite limit. Facebook just sucks time away... it's too limitless, perhaps?

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