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New theme—a keeper this time

So I reckon that about half of you already know I changed the theme—or rather, that I told you specifically that I had changed it. The rest of you, now, shall get an explanation!

Reasons I changed my theme:

  1. I like my whole secretary-desk-themed titles and modifications. Any chance to use the word “amanuensis” is worth it. So I needed a blog look to match.
  2. I also needed visual confirmation of the blog’s name.
  3. I had an awesome fountain pen picture that I had stopped using. It is now in use again. This is probably the main reason.
  4. I like books and writing. Obviously. I mean, that’s half of what I write about on my blog, right?
  5. This seems to be a more serious, or more thought-provoking, theme. (If a theme can provoke thought.) The purple one was gorgeous but just didn’t match the tone of what I think a lot. At least, that which I choose to publish. There’s plenty of thoughts running around in my brain that would match quite nicely with the cute flowery purple-and-blue theme… but they mostly have to do with times when the last thing I want to do is sit with my laptop and type!
  6. Blogger rolled out their Template Designer tool for real now, so I don’t have to resort to Blogger in Draft to do redesigns. It caught my attention and got me onto this train of thought.
  7. So I took the Last Train to Clarksville. *starts whistling*


Guitarlady said…
...and I'll meet you at the station. :-)

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