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Addendum: Bride and Prejudice, a second time

Yep. My dad and I watched it again—at his behest. That makes twice in one single week.

And I still loved the movie!


  1. I can recognize all the little episodes in the movie as adaptations from episodes in the book. Take the sister’s snake dance, for instance. Totally a ripoff of Mary’s embarrassing pianoforte performance.
  2. Music. Awesome.
  3. My dad watches this with me. And he says it’s his new favorite movie.

And to top off the astounding occurrence, we watched Becoming Jane, too—this same night. Not as fun of a movie—weird acting I thought, but that could be just me—and of course, not a musical, so it would be hard pressed to top Bride & Prejudice. Overall not a movie I’d bother watching more than once.

My mom and I were guessing throughout the movie which Austen character the leading man was supposed to resemble. I settled on Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility, with a dash of Darcy thrown in at the beginning, but I could also see some Wickham in there too.

Of course, we were discussing these options out loud. My brother told us to be quiet and watch the movie if we were going to watch it. Silly brother.


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