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Reader interaction

Hey, you! Abby, Mom, Jonathan, Alicia, Carol, John, Sam, Rachel, maybe Angie, and Wesleigh if you still read this! And anybody else who reads:

What should I blog about next?

Any suggestions welcome. Sometimes I just don’t know where to start when so much new stuff is happening to me. I think the diagnosis is writer’s block.

Zaniness encouraged, as well.


Unknown said…
Having trouble leaving my comments! Just keep telling us about your everyday life--residence, job, friends, church . . . it's all fun to read about! And include photos! :-)
Thanks! Carol M.
mafia said…
Tell us what you liked that day, what you learned that day, the most recent thing that day....or just tell us everything, how else are we supposed to know what you are doing? :-D
MJ said…
Things you'd want to roll your eyes at! :D

Unknown skills you have that most people wouldn't know about.

Do an hour-by-hour sharing of what you've done at work with random insights or thoughts that popped up in your mind in the process of said events.
Guitarlady said…
I like the idea of unknown skills. Daily life is interesting - especially the little joys and blessings that God gives.
Guitarlady said…
I know that MJ will come up with zany ideas so I'll leave those suggestions up to him.
da_baum said…
Your five least favorite sports moments.

Post about your favorite composer(s) and/or symphony(ies).

A ten (or fifteen, if you're feeling ambitious) part series on the things you want in your future husband.
mafia said…
without having read the post context, Hailey said ponies and unicorns and rainbows, or something like that....
Sarah said…
Yay!! A whole treasure trove of blogging ideas!

And of course... my laptop suddenly starts having issues. See new post.

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