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The Dirt on the FAFSA

OK, I hate bureaucracy. Mom and I spent a ton of time filling out this FAFSA thing, and the little guidebook - actually eighty pages or something - didn't mention a few things:

1. It takes at least a full day to get your PIN. Up to three. And you don't have to wait till you're ready to fill out the FAFSA to get one. SO GET ONE EARLY!

2. One of your parents had better get a PIN while you're at it, because chances are one will have to "sign" the FAFSA, and using the PIN is the fastest way.

3. PINs don't work if some of your info, or your parent's, is incorrect in either the FAFSA or your PIN application. As in, READ YOUR FAFSA PRINTOUT CAREFULLY in those parts to make sure you didn't mistype a DOB or something.

4. Live chat actually helps with the above problem, should you have made a typo and not caught it in time!

So that's what kept me up till about ten-thirty (maybe eleven) whatever night it was that we filled it out....


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