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Fantasia is great.

I recently lent the old Fantasia to a little friend of mine (Bee, in fact) to pacify her incessant boredom. (Not chronic boredom.... just every day.) It came to mind because of some of my new CDs - I now own Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, which I have forever associated with flying unicorns and merrymaking fauns (and was probably my favorite from Fantasia, or second favorite at least). The CD reminded me of how much I liked Fantasia. Of course, Bee and Banana didn't watch the last song - Night on Bald Mountain - which would have scared them to death. (If you've never seen this movie, watch it and you'll understand why a seven-year-old and her five-year-old sister would have nightmares from it.)

Nothing like thinking of dancing hippos and leaping crocodiles when you hear "Hello mudda, hello fadda, here I am at Camp Granada..."


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