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The Letter to Mr. Bush

As I mentioned, my sis sent a letter to the President. Here it is for your (possible) enjoyment. For best results, picture yourself as an aide to the President, assigned to reading all his unimportant mail, mostly boring. Then picture yourself reading this:

Dear President Bush,

Well, I shall start onthe assumption that you, the reader, are not the president because, one - the president couldn't possibly read all his mail and two - this is obviously an unofficial letter to aforementioned being.

That aside, I am a 4-H'er and I am taking a 4-H project on collectibles and one of the activities is collecting autographs (I bet you see where this is going), assuming you can't have the president sign the enclosed index card, I'll settle for the normal mass-produced letter and "signed" picture. And, if you wouldn't mind could you autograph the index card (on the blank side) then print your name on the back? Please?

If you see the president, tell him that we are praying for im and that (contrary to pollsters' opinions) we support him.

Thank you for your time and generosity in reading this letter (I hope you enjoyed it), thanks for your cooperation.

Have a lovely day!

We shall see if she gets anything back. I certainly hope so.


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