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Coming Soon!!!

My sister ("mafia") is taking a 4-H project this year on collectibles. One of the things she is therefore collecting is autographs. Who better to ask for an autograph than the President of These United States? So she sent him a letter yesterday - or, rather, she addressed the letter to him, but wrote it to the aide who reads all his letters for him. Unfortunately, I cannot replicate it here quite yet (she's not got it with her here at the library), but I will as soon as ever I can get an Internet connection and her first draft together in the same place!

On another note, I'm playing Little Red Riding Hood today, as it is raining outside. I got a burgundy rain cape from my grandmother for my fifteenth birthday, which comes in handy in the spring.

Oh yeah - I think spring is on time for once!


Carissa said…
that's cool... my cousin wrote a book and sent it to President Bush - then she won a juvenile book award... it was pretty cool...
essy said…
Spring has definately got to be my favourite time of year. Except for the muddy shoes. But I can deal with that.
RS said…
C - oh neat!! My sis's sent at least one letter to the pres. before, but not quite like this.

e - yah, I agree. It's the most wonderful time of the year, contrary to some songwriters' opinions. :-)

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