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I've decided to do my project on skyscrapers. You know, every time I think that word, I imagine these tall, sharp needle-like buildings poking long gashes in the clouds, letting the bright blue sky show through. Like something from a cartoon.

Carissa had the 175th comment, and by extension, essy had the 176th! Aren't you so proud of yourselves? :-P

Ah yes, now I remember what I was going to post! I've been sorting through all my old school stuff - from 2nd grade to 10th, so far - yes, it comes close to filling one of those big plastic bins that hold toys so well - anyway, I've been sorting through it to put together a scrapbook or two of my interesting stuff. (I'm not putting in the gazillion book reports!! Only a couple, one because it's Pride & Prejudice, and the other because it's sorta interesting slash funny.) One of the first things I found was a hilarious writing assignment from 2nd grade. It is here reprinted for your enjoyment:

Life Without Water
There are dead people around.
There isn't any grass
There isn't any trees.
There are no zoos.
There are no animals.

Now, who woulda thunk it? No zoos without water? Maybe that's why there would be no animals....... *rofl*

There was also an assignment titled Preparations for a Trip. I'll spare you that one; besides, it isn't quite as funny. Funny, but not hilarious.

And I was right! SPRING HAS ARRIVED!! It's around 70 degrees (F) outside, sunshiny, a bit windy, slightly humid, and perfect for wearing my lovely burgundy cape! (To which I believe I've already introduced you.) The grass is getting greener every day (and is greenest in our front yard, contrary to popular legend), the daffodils are sprouting, the lamb's ear has appeared, and I haven't donned a sweater OR a sweatshirt in what, a week maybe?

Lovely time of year. Perks me up, can you tell?


Carissa said…
yes- it's been between 60-80 all week here too... I am loving it... but unfortunately the lovely weather keeps me from my homework because I don't want anything to spoil the gorgeous weather... but it is nice... and I've been taking walks like everyday.. it's bliss
RS said…
yeah... rollerskating in the church parking lot, under a bright sun & blue sky... absolute bliss. I hope there's rollerskating in heaven. My legs wouldn't get so tired there, and my skates would fit perfectly.


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