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Global Warming (?) and Bee

OK, so a fellow RIer got a wonderful, crazy idea one afternoon to spoof the whole global warming debate. His youtube video is shown on his blog post titled "an uncomfortable fact". Only a couple minutes of your time, provided you have a fast Internet connection.

Which I don't. So I rely on the library's!

Speaking of global warming, I love spring. I'd give you a blow-by-blow account of the new flowers sprouting in our yard, but I think that would bore you immensely.

And, I have just started homeschooling. Yes. Seriously. I'm teaching Bee to read. I can't believe it! She's a wonderful little friend of mine - I've known her since she was born, and she happens to pick me as her "favorite" - and we had our first bit of a session today. Poor thing, she was sight reading! Imagine trying to learn all the English words that way... a hundred thousand at least, I think. So I'm going to start on phonics tomorrow. Worked for me and my siblings, oddballs all, different in every way!

She knew the, is, horse, play, and a few other chance words that we came across in the old Dick & Jane book. Go figure.


Anonymous said…
you know, i was thinking about teaching myself, but then i realized that i hadn't taught myself how to teach yet...
RS said…
what confusion you must have experienced...
Anonymous said…
it was very painful. i went through several rounds of therapy after that. i realized then that it was just my mind playing tricks on me and well...uh, can we talk about this privately?

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