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Finiculi! Finicula!

I just saw "The Music Man" on a high school stage last Saturday. I love that musical.

On another note, I just babysat a particular family today. I've done it every Thursday for a few weeks, and this was my last day. The children are disappointed, since they like me and I always brought over interesting things for them to play with (capes, hats, books such as the Just So Stories and The Children's Book of Virtues). I think their favorite was the burgundy cape, my cape with the pink ribbon that the boy used as a Star Wars costume every time. Of course, when little Bee could get a hold of it, she pretended she was a princess (and I was invariably the queen). Banana (the youngest) never seemed too interested in that; however, last week when I brought a red-and-black jumper and a black beret, she wore those nearly the whole time (four hours) and painted several pictures.

Making up code names for these kids is fun! The trick is to get ones that, though singularly non-descript, will immediately bring to my sister's (and mother's) mind the child I am writing about.

(The title has nothing to do with the post, I know. It just reminds me that "the world is full of fun and frolic".)


mafia said…
You know, you should put it "nooks in the secretary recorded by the amanuensis" or however...:-D
RS said…
I rather like that idea.

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