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Classes and chapel and parties...

oh my! (You knew it was coming...)

Visited campus Thursday and Friday for a big incoming-freshman bash. Went bowling, sat around in the cafe, enjoyed the beginning of a dorm party, ate a couple times in the cafeteria (different building from the cafe), went to chapel and three classes, wore out my shoes (figuratively) on a sort of scavenger hunt, and heard the president speak about one paragraph. (The college president.) And talked to a bunch of people at the various functions.

'Twas enjoyable enough. I met a few girls that I think I'll like - one who will definitely be in my dorm. The only other kid that I knew prior to this big bash found a roommate (but I didn't; I'll survive), who seemed nice enough. A lot of the girls struck me as.... oh, I don't know. And it wasn't that many; they just stood out.

Chapel was fine; the most interesting person was the choir director, and for good reason! She was so into directing that her (relatively short) hair flopped around on the "forte" parts!


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