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I'm still sick.

I don't feel like doing anything. Unfortunate. Because I know I had several things I was going to blog, and they've all just escaped me simultaneously. You know what I mean?

Oh, they're coming back.... we got snow today. AND LOTS OF IT!! What in the world is God up to, I wonder? So, our dining room is filled with... one large vase (the kind that you get with those huge bouquets), two bud vases, and three champagne glasses filled to the max with daffydowndillies (aka daffodils to the uninitiate). I scrambled to pick 'em all last night, between Mom getting home from her 1st job and having supper before we ran to church for Wednesday night services. The poor things were freezing (obviously), but they were still blooming this morning, so I think we've saved 'em for now. Sorry, no digital camera = no instant pictures, or I would show you the profusion of daffydowndillies that has overrun the flat surfaces of the room.

So much for spring. But I have faith. It will come back. (It had better come back for my senior pictures!!)

And..... and..... come one, brain, you aren't quite that sick..................

Oh I give up. Toodles.


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