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How To Get To Paris, France

Quoted from Heidi's blog:

--Go to
--Click on Maps.
--Click on Get Directions.
--From New York, New York
--To Paris, France.
--And read line # 23.

Seriously..... or, not so seriously....

In other funnypapers, I dreamed up a one-question multiple-choice pop quiz for you last night!

1. The one and only question: what is a puncher?

The choices:
A. a remote control
B. a device for synthesizing tropical fruit juice
C. a hanging exercising bag
D. a combination of B and C
E. none of the above
F. a sleeping bag
G. not a sleeping bag
H. a person hired by an underworld organization to rough up potential squealers or business associates
I. a person not hired by an underworld organization, etc., etc., etc.
J. a combination of B and H
K. a combination of A, B, C, F, and I

EDIT (5/1/2007) :::: I guess it is line 24. My wonderful sis pointed that out.... on the map directions, I mean. Line 23 just tells you to turn onto Long Wharf.


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