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Go read the other post first (the one from today, I mean). It's not that long, really! It just looks long because of the font I use.

Anyway, in case you desire to follow the saga of the autographs in the future, you may go find the "autographs" label down on the side under "Nooks in the secretary as recorded by the amanuensis". I just found all the posts and added that label to 'em.

Did the same thing with "links", actually.

And if you're wondering what an "amanuensis" is, either look it up or don't. If you look it up, you can sound really smart in front of your fellow 4-H'ers (and crack me up in the process, as my sister did). If you don't, you may encounter a joke some day playing on the general ignorance of the meaning of that word. (Something about a pastor and his church-secretary wife going on a cruise, and him telling everybody he was travelling with his "amanuensis", and him getting envious looks from the men, and her getting snubbed by the women. Have you heard it yet? Oh well, I guess I've just spoiled it for you anyway.)


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