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Sickness is forgotten!

And I happen to be feeling much better, thank you. :-)

About four days ago, my sister got a rather large envelope in the mail... with a frank on it. She received a personalized, signed photograph of our U.S. representative. And two days after that, she received another oddly-sized envelope, this one containing a photograph of Johnny Depp. You can't read the letters in his signature, of course.

And I am getting a full scholarship to *insert college name here*! For about four days, I thought I wasn't... and my attendance there was in jeopardy. (My award letter said I was getting just $7,900 a year instead of the thousands more that tuition is. It makes a huge difference with my family, as you may guess.) Now, I had been told in January that I was getting a full scholarship, so I fired off an e-mail to my wonderful admissions counselor (who just happens to share my first name), and got a reply on Tuesday. My letter was wrong... I am getting the full scholarship, and she doesn't know why in the world my letter said I wasn't... some computer glitch, I guess. "Thanks be to GOD!" doesn't even begin to describe it.

I wish I could tell you more about the college... anyhow, what I will tell is that it's a small Christian college, with a pretty campus that's about fifty minutes from home. So I just might come home about every other weekend. Won't that be nice? (Yeah, fifty minutes is almost close enough to commute, but I don't like to drive. Dad taught me to drive; that's my excuse!) And I will be visiting it at the end of this month, so I will get to thank my helpful admissions counselor in person. (Can you tell that my admissions counselor is very into e-mail?)


Luv2sing said…
Mom and Dad were so thankful (and relieved!).

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