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Senior pictures

Yesterday I headed up with the rest of my family to see my uncle. He's a photographer - has been for years, and took the pictures at my parents' wedding. (He wasn't even related yet!) Anyway, the reason: SENIOR PICTURES. So we spent an hour at an assisted-living community (no kidding) shooting me, in various positions, in various locations, at the little pond outside the complex. The ducks got in a couple of my photos, but I don't think I picked those. Of the six that I did pick, in one you can see the pond and the little stone bridge in the background - Mom says that is the "essence of me" picture, as I am also holding my fountain pen over a book in that. (It's supposed to look like I'm writing in a journal, but the book's actually my darling little copy of Pride & Prejudice.)

And, another of my pics featured my wonderful little gold acorn hat. It's the one left-of-center in this pic, beside the pink rain hat:

Hats 2

I really should get a picture of just me and the acorn hat.... one of these days. Anyhow, I'm sure there will be a couple people at church who'll pick that picture simply because I'm rather known for my hats. Especially that hat... wore it first to a youth group progressive dinner when I was twelve, I believe, and it pops up occasionally when they least expect it. 'Tis amusing. *grin*

And now it is time to leave... "after all, it's ten till one", as Mom says!


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