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Easter is coming...

...the goose is getting fat... oh wait, wrong song.

I had a whole post typed up last night, but of course, the computer decided to lock up on me. I just had enough time to disconnect from the Internet before I got the "blue screen of death" and had to shut down manually. I cannot wait to get my own laptop.

So, I've been a bit sick. Laid down all yesterday morning because I had a slight fever, and boy, does a fever really sap the strength from me! Only a hundred point somethingorother, and I was too tired to do ANYTHING. Consequently I actually had a day of "spring break"! Also, I played touch football for the first time last Friday, and my legs were sore for a few days after that...

I got a couple dresses that Friday, too! One for $3, and one for $5.40! (Well, Mom bought the second one. That's going to be my Easter dress.) I love closing sales. At those prices, they even beat Goodwill - sometimes a hard feat to accomplish. I wore the first dress this Sunday, and am very pleased with it.

But I'm sure you care just so much. Just like you care that I'm still coughing up all this mucus-like... gunk... icky substance... fill-in-the-blank.


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