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Busy weekend....

My sister had her graduation party, as did another good friend of ours (well, friend mostly of my brother, but we've known the family for ten years, probably). So Saturday was filled to the brim, and Friday was taken up planning for Saturday.

And Sunday, of course, was Father's Day. :) My daddy got to watch "Live Free or Die Hard," the only Die Hard that's not rated R (and consequently it's acceptable in our house). I enjoy it almost as much as Dad does, to be honest. The script/characters are quite amusing.

So, come Monday, and I find out that several books are waiting for me at the library! :) These books were:
--Jane Austen's "Emma"
--Jane Austen's early works
--Jane Austen's "Sanditon" and other short novels (more early works)
--and "A History of the Ancient World," by Susan Wise Bauer.

Can you tell I'm on a Jane Austen kick? :)

(By the way--if you're an Ohioan, call or e-mail your legislature and the governor!! Library funding is in serious peril right now.)

Anyway. I started reading "Emma" yesterday, and had to put it down to go to work. No worries, I figured--I'll just return to it after I get back from my four-hour workday (we're short on work right now). I looked forward to an evening cuddling on the couch with my book.

Well, they needed a few volunteers to stay the full eight hours at work, and I happen to be cross-trained, so I went ahead and stayed. After four hours at work, the attraction of Jane Austen had dulled and I was in "work mode." So instead of getting home just before eight o'clock in the evening, I pulled in the driveway at about ten till midnight.

And stayed up till two munching, goofing off on the Internet... and reading "Emma." Mostly reading "Emma," if you hadn't guessed.


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