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Reading books

So I've been on a reading kick for the past two weeks, or so. Ever since I got home from college and discovered the immense amount of free time I had!

1. I just finished The Phantom of the Opera a day or two ago. It's quite interesting, and rather different from the movie/stage production. Well, you recognize portions of the play as almost straight from the book, but the tone--the whole tone of the book is a bit different. I enjoyed it well enough.

2. I read several Agatha Christie short stories, which I enjoyed very much. The Miss Marple stories, in particular, are fascinating. Miss Marple always deduces the solution to some puzzle using a sort of psychological approach--though I'm sure she wouldn't call it that. It's just "oh, this old man was just like my Uncle Henry, and I know this is what Uncle Henry would have done."

3. I'm reading Dracula now. Just started it today, and won't have time to read much more. I leave for work in about an hour, and have a little more to do before then. (Eating an early supper is probably one of the more important things I should do...)


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