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The economy, engagement, and work environments

I wanted to title this one "Observations upon the economy, engagement, and work environments" but that's just a little too long for my taste.... but observations they are, notwithstanding any title change, and here they follow.

1. My itty bitty town's largest employer announced today it will close in a year.

This little town practically subsists upon the tax revenues from this particular business. And now... the town's already facing deficit issues, and this will only exacerbate the problems. Not to mention the twelve hundred or so who will soon be unemployed. Throw in a union and you have quite a little mess.

2. My pastor's daughter got engaged to her boyfriend of... three or four years!

I knew it was coming, and probably this summer was my guess, but his asking her on the top of the Eiffel Tower at night was a perfectly lovely way to do it, in my opinion (and in probably everyone else's too!). (She was on a school trip in Europe, and he flew there for that express purpose.) But--is it bad that I found this out over Facebook? And on her dad's, no less.

3. Second shift work starts tomorrow.

I'll be glad to get some work done and make money doing it. Even if it is in a warehouse and not air-conditioned... I'll tolerate it for two months and it should be good. After all, I froze today in the air-conditioning. I'm more suited for a warm environment.


mafia said…
Like a gecko? (I was gonna say lizard, but that as an unpleasant connotation)
RS said…
are you implying that I am reptilian?
mafia said…
no? :-D

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