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Dinner rolls (or: nuptual observations)

*yawn* I'm very tired. The only reason I'm still up and online is that my family isn't home quite yet.

So, on to the news of the wedding! It was beautiful--the bride wore this lovely dress with some very nice beading. The groom was so funny. The two of them did a "sand ceremony" in place of lighting the unity candle; I liked that very much.

At the reception we started with some desserts (little cookie things, mostly) as an appetizer... it was odd. But once the dinner was actually served (after the wedding party got there), it was quite delicious. The rolls were the best part... but I've observed that the rolls are generally the most appealing thing at a catered dinner, anyway. Not to say that the other food isn't great, of course; but the rolls are just--well, they're rolls. And rolls are wonderful.

The best part was seeing my friend get married, of course; the next best part was seeing all my other friends that got to come see our friend get married.

The best part of that next-best part was getting to talk to one of my very good friends from college for the hours (cumulative) of driving there and back. And I didn't have to drive. :)


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