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Shopping, purchasing, and enjoying

Three gerunds in one--must be quite the topic! But it is because I've made (or had made for me) several purchases in the last few days.

1. I have shoes!! Well, I've always had shoes, I guess, but these are new shoes. They're waterproof, and steel-toed (that was accidental), and they lace up... and they're two sizes too small. Literally. (Well, in a way. They're a men's shoe, if one can say that and still be grammatical, and men's sizes run differently than women's sizes.) Their purpose is to keep my feet dry while studying abroad this fall--I'll be in the tropics, or close to it, and since it rains there every day (right when we'll be walking to class, wouldn't ya know) the waterproof factor is imperative.

2. I bought a wedding gift a couple days ago. A nice little thing for a friend of mine who's getting married Saturday--it was on her gift registry over at Kohl's, and it's something my mom has used time and again so I know it'll be handy. (I must be vague, of course. Can't be too careful what you say on the internet!) So much fun to go gift shopping!

3. I found a hat yesterday at a garage sale. Yes, I know... another hat... but I love hats! I shall take some new pictures of all my hats soon, I promise. But anyways. At this same garage sale I bought a set of measuring cups--I've been wanting a set for months (I keep borrowing friends' at college, or Mom's here at home of course) in order to make some little food when I'm away from home (i.e. in my apartment at college), but just found this nice little black set, complete with the 1/8th cup measure (which is in effect a coffee scoop). And I just lost all you non-cooks out there....

4. But there is a point to this! Really! At an estate sale this evening (which my dad found entirely by chance, on his way to pick me up) I bought three things:
a. A spatula
b. A Tupperware bowl
c. A very tarnished silver set!

Now, item A is a plastic spatula that you use for cooking, not the kind that you use for cake-decorating. In case you wondered.

Item B is just fun! I've been wanting some mixing bowls also, and this is a medium-sized Tupperware dish complete with non-cracked lid! (My mom's Tupperware things are all at least twenty years old, and all have cracked lids. I wonder sometimes how they stay closed.)

Item C was completely spur-of-the-moment, but I do believe my friend-the-bride would love to have a silver set, if for no other reason than it's beautiful. Well, it is once you get all the tarnish off. And there was a lot of tarnish on this set--my sister asked, while I was polishing one piece, whether she would like black silver. (I was at that point only half done polishing the piece.) Now they sit near me on the couch, in all their shiny (and very un-black) glory.

I must be such a girl. All this shopping has made me giddy.... not to mention that most of it included household items.


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