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Iran of late

I wish our local newspaper had a much bigger world-news section. Then maybe I'd be learning a little more about the whole hullabaloo in Iran lately.

As it seems a lot of Iranians are unhappy (to say the least!) with the elections, the Iranian government has been cracking down on information transmission... the Internet, and foreign journalists, too. (Thanks to my cousin for the link.)

Eyewitnesses are reporting that fully-credentialed foreign journalists are similarly being detained all over Tehran today. The deputy head of the Ministry of Guidance just told me on the phone that other journalists have also been beaten, and that the official permissions no longer work. Also, foreign journalist visas are not being extended, so all of those people who were allowed in to cover the elections are now being forced out in the messy aftermath.
Nobody is going to believe that the election wasn't rigged. Not when the government is responding like this....

Mild rant: I just want to yell at everyone who thinks the U.N. has any sort of reason to exist, that it does any good. Newest evidence no. 1: North Korea, as of late. Evidence no. 2: Iran, as of now and in the recent past. What good has it been doing?? It's as likely to be corrupt as any national government; and with that corruption comes a loss of relevance (if it had any in the first place). So much for another bureaucracy.


Anonymous said…
The UN's corrupt and useless?! WHAT?!

Guitarlady said…
Corrupt & useless is a good description. Let's not forget the great [heavy sarcasm] "Oil for food" program that the UN had. We need to completely get out of the UN! I'm afraid our illustrious president may not agree however.

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