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Don't touch the Japanese buttons!

So, my dad does real estate. On Sunday he was holding an open house at a rather interesting home. This house had been owned by a Japanese man who had moved here and was moving back to Japan.

In this house were a few amenities less common to Americans, but familiar in other countries. One of these was a bidet in the bathroom.

Apparently it was an odd-looking bidet. It had a lot of Japanese characters on it, telling what each button does, et cetera. Not an English letter on the whole thing. A sightseer wandering through the house stopped in the bathroom and asked what it was, and Dad told him.

This sightseer, however, was well-traveled. He had been to Spain. Therefore, he said with authority that it didn't look like a bidet. Dad just let it pass... but then the sightseer wanted to see what it did.
"Can I push this button?"
"What about this one?"
So the sightseer pushed it. Little did he know (because, notwithstanding his oh-so-relevant Spanish experience, he could not read Japanese) that was the button that turned on the bidet. Water started shooting all over the room.....

Not being fluent in Japanese writing, Dad and the sightseer frantically pushed buttons on the bidet willy-nilly, trying to make it stop. It wouldn't stop!!

By the time it was done, the room was soaked. The tub, the sink, the floor, even the ceiling got water sprayed onto it. The sightseer was full of remorse, regret, and sorrow that his doing had brought about such a catastrophe. Well, I'm not sure he would have said that, but he did apologize profusely and often.

Dad finally had to tell him it was funny, so he would stop apologizing.

And what does Dad do Sunday afternoon after getting home from his open houses? Why, he shares this hilarious story with us, while I'm doubled over laughing!


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