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Adventures downtown

We went by ourselves to the downtown of the (rather largeish) city where we're living today...

[6:26:19 PM] Sarah: anyways. We went there Monday with our guide, but this was the first time we went by ourselves on any bus and we waited for like half an hour to get a bus that would go where we wanted. Even then we had to ask a lady to help us (she was very gracious and took good care of us while we were travelling the same path)

[6:26:33 PM] Sarah: So, we got there fine, and had a good time browsing the AMAZING souvenier shop down there.

[6:26:39 PM] Sarah: now, it gets interesting.

[6:26:50 PM] Sarah: on our way back, first we went to the wrong part of the bus stop hub

[6:27:03 PM] Sarah: (there's a collection of bus stops and we were at the completely wrong end)

[6:27:54 PM] Sarah: so once we finally get on a bus headed back home, we accidentally get off at the wrong place (too early) because there are apparently at least two stores with the same name... a popular brand which he (who pulled the line for "parada" should've known)

[6:28:08 PM] Sarah: oops, wrong place for the parenthesis. you get the idea anyway.

[6:29:53 PM] Sarah: anyway. so, only one of us (another guy) knows where we even ARE and is positive he knows the way back. So we get to this HUGE roundabout and have to cross some of the streets--a challenge in itself, as you may imagine--and we get to this somewhat questionable part of town, right about five-thirty or five-forty-five when it's getting towards dusk

[6:29:59 PM] Sarah: and of the ten of us, only three are male

[6:30:05 PM] Sarah: so some of the gals aren't too comfortable

[6:31:19 PM] Sarah: anyway, we get past that part safely, and suddenly see something familiar--the place where we turned around earlier today when we missed another destination (that was walking though, not a big deal) and rejoice to know we are about half an hour from home.

[6:31:33 PM] Sarah: and the rest of the story is less interesting, since we don't get lost again or lose anybody or anything.

[6:32:01 PM] Turkey Man: aw :(

[6:32:02 PM] Turkey Man: j/k

[6:32:22 PM] Sarah: *rolleyes*

[6:32:55 PM] Sarah: it was crazy, but.... yeah, crazy.


Guitarlady said…
You mght want to get a map of the city. I had one when I was down south. Came in quite handy.
mafia said…
You are weird...and so is Sam...:-D
Tortured-Turkey said…
Thanks Mafia! You are awesomely weird yourself!
RS said…
Mom: Yeah, they sell them at the Institute but I haven't got one yet. I'm going to get that and some notebook paper there either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sissy: I'll take that as a compliment...

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