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Observations upon recreation

I should make a label that calls itself "observations." I use the term often enough as a title formula!

I just watched "Ella Enchanted" with my little friend, Bee. Today was the first time in quite awhile that I've been able to see her--I've been busy/working, she's been in D.C., etc. So we were together for most of the day; she even came with me (and my siblings) when I drove over to get my hair trimmed/styled before my trip overseas. Anyhow, we watched the movie tonight, partly to give me something to do while the rest of my family went to see "Night at the Museum 2" at the dollar theater, and to give Bee an excuse to get out of the house while her little sister, Banana, and Banana's friend practiced their homemade "ballet" performance.

Carey Elwes is so funny as a bad guy, because he's so good at it! I first saw him in "The Princess Bride" (the best comedy ever, imho *wink*) and then as a bad guy in "Twister." Only after I'd seen "Twister" at least twice did I realize he was the same guy. Then he showed up in that old Mel Brooks movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" as a comedic character again. And of course, when we saw this movie a few months after it came out (we had the library copy), he was the elderly bad guy again. Go figure. But I hadn't seen this one since, and I remembered enjoying it. It was definitely amusing.

Second observation: I just heard a Beatles rendition of the song "Till There Was You" (originally from the musical "The Music Man") on my Pandora Radio station.... talk about odd.

And in a completely unrelated vein, but still within the topic of recreation:
Yes, this is my idea of recreation. I've had these links pulled up in my Firefox tabs the last several days.


da_baum said…
So this has nothing to do with this post, but with your "whistle a happy tune" blog. I'm not entirely sure if it's ok for me to post I'm posting a comment on your most recent post ("The class-of-2013 mindset") here...

You quoted a list as saying, "64. CDs have never been sold in cardboard packaging.", then you stated, "And seriously? CDs without their jewel cases?" I would like to say that I do, in fact, own a CD in cardboard packaging! It's exciting, isn't it? :)
RS said…
No way! I've hardly even seen CDs in cardboard cases, let alone owned any. I think Dad has a Christmas collection in a cardboard case... but that's about it!
RS said…
oh and it's fine if you want to comment over there also. Of course I'd prefer you use your real first name as opposed to a pseudonym such as you normally adopt, but otherwise I can't see why there'd be a problem.

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