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A second day in C.Am.

I have now spent three evenings (two full days, plus the day I arrived) with my Central American host family, and it has been really really AWESOME. I mean, it's been great beyond what I'd hoped.

I talk to my mamá a lot, even though I'm usually slow with my words (and can't remember half the ones I want) and she has to be really patient. She's very nice. She has said I speak Spanish well, and she told me today that of the four gals she's hosted I've been the least nervous and most confident. To tell you the truth I've not been nervous. Honest, really! Just excited to be here and finally delve into the language. And I'm learning new words every day, and re-learning (remembering) the words for a LOT of things. (Earrings? Aretes. My nose? La nariz.)

Today was the beginning of orientation at the institute, and we did some sightseeing too (mostly just visiting all the houses we are staying in). And tonight we ate at a popular local pizza place... I can see why it's so popular. Its walls and ceiling are plastered, completely covered, with movie posters (in Spanish, of course) and they show whatever movie you want. Our group picked "The Dark Knight" and it was interesting to read the subtitles in Spanish and compare the translation with the original English script.


mafia said…
Now is there a reason you did my nose and earrings in the same sentence.....perhaps you want a nose ring? :-D
RS said…
You're hilarious! My mamá was playing "name all the body parts" with Niñita (not her real name, of course) and said those two. I noticed "aretes" because it wasn't a body part and I noticed "nose" because twice I have wanted that word. (And forgot to look it up.)

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