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Goodbye to my friends

I said goodbye to a good friend of mine today--a gal I know from my college. She worked not too far from where I live this summer, but between our crazy schedules I saw her only once this whole summer. So we had planned on hanging out for awhile today, before I leave the country and she goes back to our college.

Unfortunately she ended up having more to do today than she thought--last week at her job (a camp) and all--so we only got to talk for a few minutes when she came to borrow a book. It was a quick goodbye.

I said goodbye to my roommate last weekend, when I left her house late at night to return home. I won't get to see her, either, until after I return from studying abroad. That goodbye wasn't so quick, thank goodness.

We plan to keep in touch over the internet while I'm gone, and for that capability I'm grateful. They're some of the few people I feel completely comfortable around.... I trust them that way. I don't want to lose their friendship.

In a way, this sort of goodbye--after already having missed them over the summer--is different from the goodbye that I bid my friends in May at the end of spring semester. Then, I was able to see them often before leaving. The ties of friendship were strong.

After having been apart from my friends for so many months already, I miss them. And seeing them, briefly, only to part from them for a definite few more months? It's sad.

One thing I do know--these gals will be around when I get back. And we'll be great friends, even after so many months. That's how we are. :)


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