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Waiting for my sister

My sister went to a meeting tonight... and hasn't yet returned from it. Crazy, huh? But it's a final, end-of-year, potluck-happy meeting with both teenagers and adults involved.

Oh, and now she's home!! At precisely 10:56 PM, just two minutes after I'd typed that. (Quite literally.) Apparently this was not a mixed teens/adults group; there were adults there, as chaperones, kinda, but then the rest were teens and held a meeting followed by hanging out. No wonder she was gone so long. (A meeting/potluck starting at 6:30 does not normally last four hours.)

Enough for stream-of-chronology blogging.... (you know, like stream of consciousness.)


mafia said…
I object, the meeting and the clean-up took the longest part, unfortunately the substantial "hanging out" didn't start to occur until it was basically time to clean-up.
RS said… you informed me *after* I published this post. :P

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