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Contra dancing

What a day. Exhausting, and I haven't even been to work yet!

I found out yesterday that one of my apartmentmates was going to a contra dancing thing this afternoon, and wanted people to go with her. She's said that it is really fun. From what I understood, it was like the dancing from the five-hour version of the movie "Pride & Prejudice" (which is of course based upon my favorite book!) and resembled square dancing just a little... so I figured I may as well. It sounded fun enough.

So, clad in our fun, twirly skirts, we arrived a little before two o'clock this afternoon, and danced... for three straight hours!!

Some of contra dancing was completely new to me... I've never done long line dance things before, besides the Virginia Reel; but that was half to two-thirds of the dancing there. I was also new to certain of the moves (I had to learn a different swing from what I knew in square dancing), and quite unused to all the twirling that happens in contra dancing. (But the twirling was the best part!) I also learned a different style of waltz.

Consequently, from all this activity I'm rather tired and suspect my legs will be sore tomorrow... but it was worth it. Contra dancing really was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went. I definitely want to do it again, but since the next one is right during spring break, I probably won't get to until April. Ah well; I'll bide my time. :-)


mafia said…
Where was it?
RS said…
One block off the square. Very close.

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