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As another chapter closes

I finished two books yesterday.

1. Miracles by C. S. Lewis. He is a fascinating writer, of course; I mean to own all his works by the time I'm thirty. (Gives me a solid ten years!) As in Mere Christianity, Lewis in Miracles starts much farther back than one would suppose, and first establishes the logical basis for the theoretical possibility of miracles (addressing those who would take issue with the very idea of a miracle). I felt like I'd read it before, so I might have; but it may also bear a little resemblance to one or two of the chapters in Mere Christianity, in which miracles are touched upon but not dealt with in-depth. It's heavier reading than fiction, surely, and I wish I had been more awake mentally when I read most of it. (Yesterday I was in a bit of a daze... for some reason break does that to me! I took a couple naps over break... something I very very rarely do.)

2. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (also published as Ten Little Indians). Having read two collections of Christie short stories, I was sort of looking forward to this; I enjoy the Parker Pyne stories very much. My sister urged me to read this book and wanted to hear my opinion, so I finally got to it after finishing the above yesterday. Can you believe it--I read this book in its entirety yesterday afternoon! Obviously it's a quick read, though just short of 300 pages (in its paperback edition anyway), but still fascinating. I really liked how, even though I had seen the movie and knew who the villain was, the book made me second-guess even myself (because my sis had mentioned that the movie changed one or two things). Christie's use of the characters' thoughts was curious: she often let the uncertainty, fear and apprehension creep from her characters' words straight into the description itself, if I'm making any sense. She also used ellipses and exclamation marks and italics more than I'm used to (in what I've read, rather; she used them the way I might in my writing).

And I head back to school today. Classes start tomorrow morning--whoopeee! I'm looking forward to my writing classes, and will also have a two-hour Spanish literature course tomorrow evening. Followed by a two-hour meeting of the yearbook. With just half an hour between them for supper. Should be interesting...


Guitarlady said…
So how did you like the latter book?
RS said…
I really enjoyed it. It was a lot better than I was expecting, and different from her stories that I have read before. I liked how A.C. told the end of the story through a message in a bottle. :-P

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