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Escribiendo cartas

Me gusta mucho... escribir cartas a mi amigo, en espaƱol. (I love writing Spanish letters to my friend!) Last week an old friend of my family e-mailed me (as she's been in the habit of doing) and asked if I would correspond with her son, who's in Spanish II in high school. "Of course," I joyfully replied. Since then we have sent three or four e-mails back and forth (on each side) and his mother writes that he is enjoying the correspondence immensely.

I, on my end, am also very pleased to have begun it. I get a lot of practice this way, you know, and I'm being extra careful so I don't mess his verb conjugations up (or his vocabulary, for that matter). It takes longer than I would like to write one of the e-mails, but not too long I don't think. And I'm getting a lot better as I get back into the habit of actually creating written works of Spanish instead of simply deciphering another's Spanish writing.

In fact, I should be writing another one now... but I'm rather tired, and should head to bed in time to get lots of sleep before church tomorrow.

P.S. His mother took a picture of him writing out one of his replies and sent it to me. :-)


Guitarlady said…
¿Escribiendo a Joel?
mafia said…
Same question, only in English.
RS said…
Por supuesto. Of course; who else would it be? :-D

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