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Stupid, stupid, stupid.

We're in a recession... worldwide... and the government decides it's time for a spending spree??!!?? On top of the last one, the bank bailout??

They're basically ruining any chance I have in the future of establishing a secure economic foundation.... of getting a good job, saving up enough to buy a house, etc. And it's not just Americans... we'll have to borrow the funds. From where? Other countries, I guess... who are just as indebted as we are, or almost. Then where else? Switzerland? They haven't got that much money...

So it's going to be printed. Yay, more valueless money floating around... lessening the value of the "money" we (and countries that rely on U.S. currency) still have. This is why the gold standard ought to have been maintained. It would have kept such spendthrift politicians in check.

What is this world going to do....


Guitarlady said…
At least OUR representative gets it right. He votes against nearly everything, which is good considering almost everything congress puts forth these days would fall under the heading of "government intrusion". (sigh)

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