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Building bridges

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous (as I effused), and today is nearly so, though there is no sun. So I went out with a couple friends and we meandered through the woods until we reached a stream.

Then, the male part of the three of us proceeded to build a small but usable bridge over part of the stream, using rocks and fallen branches and abandoned concrete blocks. I would say that "we" built the bridge, but all that we girls did was supervise, stay out of the way of the splashing, and skip rocks. :-P

It took probably half an hour for my friend to get a bridge that would hold up--in fact, after I crossed it, he had to add more concrete blocks because of some collapsing--but in the end, he was satisfied, and we safely returned to our respective destinations.


mafia said…
who'd you go with?
RS said…
Sean & Kathryn.

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