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Of snakes and alleged Princes Charming

It's snowing again. Which means I'm rather cold here, sitting in my living room. But it's fine... I get to go to Spanish class later, which will brighten my day, on top of the happiness of singing in choir this afternoon. :-)

My roomie took me to Wal-Mart last night to get a few necessities, and on the way back we stopped by the public library so I could borrow a book for one of my papers. It's "The Power of Logical Thinking" by one Marilyn vos Savant, and its sole purpose for my paper was to point out that the sentence "snakes only eat green frogs" can be interpreted at least four or five different ways. Try it....

1. Snakes only eat green frogs... they don't eat anything else.
2. ...Or, they never eat blue frogs.
3. ...Maybe, they refuse to drink green frogs.
4. ...Perhaps snakes are the only animals that eat green frogs?
5. ...Better yet, snakes probably just don't eat green dogs.

Ain't it fun? :-D


Guitarlady said…
All depends on what you emphasize. Same is true for the first line of Psalm 23.
THE Lord is my shepherd.
The LORD is my shepherd.
The Lord IS my shepherd.
The Lord is MY shepherd.
The Lord is my SHEPHERD.
If you actually say all of these with each different emphasis, you'll see what I mean.
mafia said…
What paper? or which class?
RS said…
An honors paper about the Hebrew in Genesis 1.

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