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Final(s) Week Choir Party

So, I'm finally into finals week (no pun intended) and will be heading home the day after tomorrow. I'll really miss my friends here, but I also miss home, so it's a fair trade. Thing is, I won't see a good many of my friends until January, since I'll be studying abroad. Thank goodness that I'll see a lot of them at a wedding next month.

Choir party was today. Our choir director, Mrs. C, is quite a character. She's a grandmother, but she's one of those spry ones that you'd never guess an age for except for the grey hair. Her personality is quirky, her enthusiasm and energy are boundless, and she's full of fascinating trivia (including a full description of the local music festival this summer). She'll come out with the most hilarious statements, and often surprises me (still!) with the jokes she cracks. She's basically the kind of grandmother that acts like she's still in her twenties (complete with intrepid daring and imagination bordering on the crazy).

Mrs. C scares people, sometimes, and directs wildly (she really gets into the music and will often stamp her foot for accent). But it's the best (if only) choir experience I've had.

Someday I'll have to tell about the crazy kooks that end up in our choir (which is really too small and should be called an ensemble).


Guitarlady said…
I thought it *was* called an ensemble! It is too small for a choir.
RS said…
Oh yes, it generally is; but throughout the whole post, I called it a choir. 15 members don't really constitute a choir. :P

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