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Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head

That song (available on Youtube, as always) has been my Facebook status a lot this week.

Today, it looked like it might not rain. Well, it might, but it might not--that's what I was thinking--but when I had to go back to my room between working on a project and lunch, I figured I may as well take my bike back to the cafeteria, since I had to run around to a bunch of buildings after lunch too. So I did.

Went from lunch to print something on the special expensive one-of-a-kind-on-campus color photo printer. No rain. So far, so good.

After class, went back to the special-color-printer office to pay for some old printing they'd finally found the tally for. No rain on the way there, thank goodness.

But when I emerged from the office there, after a minute and a half, it was downpouring (EDIT: pouring down rain.... Happy now?). It was like *snap* and it had begun raining. Fortunately my next stop was in the same building, so I felt sorry for my bike (can one feel sorry for an inanimate object?) and took a meandering hallway through the building to find the next office I needed.

After a ten-minute interview there, of which four consisted of waiting in the outer office, I returned to the back door through which I had entered, where my bike was parked.

Lo and behold, it was bright outside again. My bike seat was drenched, but at least I wasn't going to be on the way back to my room!

And a short bike ride later, I got to my apartment just as I felt a couple sporadic drops fall. I did hurry in the front door to make sure I didn't get caught in another spontaneous weather event. (Which spontaneous weather event did not occur after all, so the hurry was for nothing.)


mafia said…
Yeah, D rode his bike down to our house and by the time he left his entire bike was soaked.
Guitarlady said…
Tsk, tsk - "downpour" is not a verb, Sarah.
Guitarlady said…
Yes, "pouring down rain" is much better!

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