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A new Jedi knight

If you remember, I sewed a cape over spring break for a friend of mine who turned ten. Bee, my little friend, has many siblings--one of them is her older brother, whose Star Wars interests go beyond all bounds. (He owns six lightsabers.)

Now, some months ago--I think it was over Christmas break, maybe--I had promised this little boy a homemade Jedi cloak someday. I knew it would be easy, but I wasn't about to spend Christmas break sewing something like that, for no good reason. So I told him he would have to wait quite awhile.

When I gave Bee her blueberry cape, her older brother was jealous, of course. After all, I'd promised him a Jedi cloak long before I'd decided to sew a cape for Bee, and first things should come first! Right?

So, his birthday was this month, and I fulfilled my promise as soon as ever I got unpacked from moving back home after my sophomore year at college. I dyed the fabric Tuesday; cut it out Wednesday; sewed it yesterday; and delivered the gift this morning. He was quite satisfied. :)

This latest sewing project brings my cape-capers to five:
--my classic blue winter cape
--my burgundy rain cape, which was mostly sewed by my grandmother but finished by me when her fingers got too gouty
--a cape I sewed last summer for a friend of mine, upon the occasion of her wedding
--Bee's cape
--and now her older brother's Jedi cloak.

There is one more thing. On Wednesday--the same day I was preparing to sew the Jedi cloak, thus already immersed in Star Wars minutiae regarding Jedi outerwear--my mother discovered the sheet music for Star Wars.... and a friend of mine greeted me over IM with a Star Wars quote. Talk about ubiquity.

P.S. To complete the story down an entirely different rabbit trail, a quite random acquaintance consulted me this morning about cape-making matters, citing my "legendary wisdom" as a "great cape-smith of lore" (translation: one of my apartment-mates had told him once that I'd made my share of capes). And no, I did not make that stuff about "legendary" and "of lore" up, not in the least!


Guitarlady said…
No, no, not your mother, your BROTHER found the sheet music. He just sent me the link first.
RS said…
oh ok... either typo or transposition of the memory, because I'm sure I knew that....

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