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Reporting fun

And that title may be interpreted two ways:

1. One way says I am reporting something fun, which is indeed true. I will have an article published this Friday about the musical my roommate starred in, and I enjoyed writing that article very much. I got to see one and a half performances to write the thing, and gleaned several quotes from my friends in the musical. (I knew almost the entire cast.)

2. The other way says something about reporting itself is fun, which is also (obviously) true. And this is the way I originally meant the title to read. I found out that I will get to be a beat reporter next spring for the arts on campus--the drama department, the music department, and various concerts that Student Government sponsors. I may not get paid, but I'll have a lot of fun writing that stuff! I've done a lot of that this semester already, and next year's managing editor said I did a "bang-up" job of getting my articles done and turned in by deadline. (Much good it did anybody. Two issues this semester were cancelled, and of course I had articles in both of them.)

I am now going to start talking to several people about writing a series of articles from abroad, while I'm studying Spanish. I really want to do that for my hometown paper, since they publish an issue every week; our campus paper only has about six issues a semester (if that).

*jumps* I love journalism!


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