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SIDENOTE: Before I forget, that last post was the 450th! And, we are just three comments away from 700! (Note to the sidenote: I do know that some comments haven't been counted in that tally, for whatever reason--the computer didn't like me or something--but for the sake of consistency I'm going by this number.)

Now, for the real content of the blog post. I just found out about two more couples who just got engaged this weekend.... in addition to the couple that got engaged last weekend.... what IS it with junior year? I wish them all my utmost felicitations (well, usually felicitaciones actually), but seriously! That makes five or six in the last few months.


da_baum said…
It's probably something in the water. You should get that checked out.
RS said…
Yeah, maybe the wastewater plant next door has been leaking something!
Anonymous said…
"Twue Wuv has brought us together todayyy...mawwiage"

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