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Celebration of nerdhood

Or is that nerdiness? I can't really say.

Anyhow, if you haven't already noticed (or seen my Twitter feed or Facebook update), today is Palindrome Day, or Mirror Image Day as I like to call it, because you can write the date backwards and forwards and it's exactly the same. 01/02/2010. It's cool, huh? (Even if it only works in the U.S. system!) The fun thing about that is that it's so rare--before 2001 (when the last one was), the last palindrome day before that was waaaaay back in 1380. And though the next one will be next year, they'll happen only once a decade after that (more or less), and after 2290 there won't occur another until... 3001. Amazing, huh?

And, as if that weren't enough, I received my Christmas gift from my roommate in the mail today.

It was a square root watch. In other words, instead of reading 1 through 12 on the edges of the circle (it's analog), it reads (square root sign)1 through (square root sign)144. That's just amazing! I've been obsessed with square roots for a long time now, and my roommate happened upon something that fed right into that fascination.

So now I may parade my nerdhood (nerdiness...) for all the world to see. Just wait until I get to show my friends at college! The funny part is, several of them know of my obsession with square roots simply because that's how I remembered one pair's room number during freshman year. 225, in my mind, inevitably brings to mind "oh, perfect square of 15." And I told that to my friends once. They laughed at me quite a lot and told me I was such a nerd. :D


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