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Off to work (Spanish class)

I had just about half an hour between lunch and going to work, so I decided not to trek through the snow to make an almost-pointless visit to my apartment. So I'm sitting here in the library figuring out how to busy myself until it comes time to go to work.

Spanish class today was kinda fun; we discussed the ideal man or woman in groups, basically in the context of who you'd marry, so in our little groups we had to make lists of each. I joined a gal friend of mine who'd been to Central America with me this fall, and a lady in our class who's a native Colombian. (I still haven't figured out why she's taking Conversational Spanish if she's already a native speaker!) We had fun in our group, especially since the Colombian lady is quite chistoso (jokester) while at the same time very smart and mature. (She's married and has mutiple children, so she'd better be mature!)

After that little exercise, we all wrote on eraseable boards as our maestra listed off phrases in English we had to translate to Spanish. I did mostly well; just missed a few subjunctive rules (which seem a little different from what I learned this past fall, but oh well). The guy next to me was being very chistoso as well; he was messing with a couple of our whiteboards, as well as drawing a large cartoon of a guy under a palm tree, in between sentences. It was amusing, to say the least.

Now, I must go. Hasta pronto.


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