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Reading the Bible in Spanish

I decided this month that I'd do all my devotional Bible readings from my Spanish Bible. I figured, hey, I've been to Central America, I'm practically fluent, and I should be able to understand the Spanish translation quickly enough that I don't lose the meaning of the passages I'm reading. So I'm doing that.

And boy, is it wonderful. Verses that I'd instantly recognize, even be able to recite, in English regain a freshness when I read them in Spanish. (Today's verses were from Romans 8:28-39, which of course includes the whole part about neither death nor life nor anything else being able to separate us from God's love.) Sometimes I also realize something completely new about a passage I've read before, simply because of little language differences (such as, I can tell the difference between a singular "you" and a plural "you" at a glance with Spanish).

This is pretty awesome. It's like singing in Spanish, only better!


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