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Fun craziness during J-term

One week on campus (mostly), and things have been crazy.

If you've been reading my other blog (the link to which is by request), you know I've tried out and gotten a part in a one-act comedy to be performed the first weekend in February. That's in addition to a class on Spanish conversation, and on top of preparation to write the prospectus and annotated bibliography for my senior honors project (this beginning stuff needs to be done by the end of the month). Plus, I've helped tutor a young ESL student who's struggling in math, and watched a million episodes of Touched by an Angel a couple nights ago, and have also been getting caught up with the yearbook (I'll be assistant editor). Oh and I've been working, but that's a given.

I absolutely love the honors project preparation. I'll be helping to plan and launch my college's new website for the college newspaper & broadcasting programs!

I also love Spanish class, except that today we talked about a lot of awkward things in class. Like how to properly dispose of your toilet paper in Latin American countries, and why you don't need toilet paper at all in most European countries. I still can't believe my profesora was practically demonstrating all this in front of our whole class!


mafia said…
ESL to me means english as a second language...what's it mean?

Who was watching touched by an angel?

My A+P teacher has got your Spanish Prof beat by a mile....and we haven't even started any "bodily functions" yet...
RS said…
Yes, that's what ESL means. It means that English is her second language (she's Mexican I believe) and she doesn't speak it that well yet, so on top of not understanding math (which I'm sure you can identify with) she sometimes doesn't understand what she's being told in class. So, we help her out with her homework.

A. and I were watching it.

Oh goodness. Class yesterday was actually very funny, precisely because she was discussing that sort of thing. I can't imagine how your class must be if it's that ridiculous!

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