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Back on a campus

I got moved into my apartment on campus late this morning... spent an hour or so unpacking before lunch, then got my computer hooked up to the internet and the rest of the stuff unpacked after. Also rearranged the room a bit--my roommate for this time, whom I've never officially met (she remembered that we had a class together a couple years ago), gave me leave via Facebook message to rearrange the beds when I got back.

Of course, there's not exactly a lot of space in this room, so I maneuvered the beds into the only other position possible. (I like that arrangement better.)

And I'm off to go to work in about fifteen minutes. At which time I will return to my old job at the library... for more than four hours! I've books and the internet to keep me occupied, of course, but I'm hoping to get some writing done as well. (Journal-writing, that is.) And after having listened to music for the last few hours, I will return to a world of silence and my own thoughts.

Because... who in his right mind goes to a college library when classes haven't even started? (In other words, it'll be dead as a tomb in there.)


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