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Cantemos al Señor un nuevo canto

I have thought, before, that to translate a song would be a wonderful experience, even a way to worship God with my Spanish talent.

And now I know.

I've loved this song for years:

And I thought to myself, this past Friday, that it would be a great song to translate into Spanish. So I made my best effort to produce a Spanish lyric faithful to both the original song and to the Biblical passage from whence the English song came; and in addition to that, I tried to make the lyric sound good, to sound like it was supposed to be that way originally (instead of being a translation clumsily fitted to the original tune).

So, I looked up the verses in two different Spanish translations (the NVI and the RV-1995) to try to write the lyric as close to the Bible verse phrasing/words as possible. Then I wrote a version, and didn't like it at all. (I still have it, however, in my e-mail.) I re-wrote most of it as various ideas, words and phrases, came to me.... and here is what I came up with. I apologize to those of you who cannot read Spanish, but I really wanted to write this blog post.

Canten a Jehová, sus fieles son
Canten al nombre santo
Canten a Jehová, sus fieles son
Alaben, ustedes, al Señor

Estrofa 1:
Su ire será por de pronto
Canten al nombre santo
Su favor dura toda la vida
Alaben, ustedes, al Señor

Estrofa 2:
Si por la noche hay llanto
Canten al nombre santo
Vendrá en la mañana el gozo
Alaben, ustedes, al Señor

I really want to record this somehow, so you all can hear how it sounds. I may try this weekend when I go home. I'm sure my brother-the-sound-guy will help.


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