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Nope, nothing.

I just finished a class. And am home for the weekend.

And at the moment, my mind is drawing a complete blank when I'm trying to think of what it was I wanted to write. Thus you, my dear reader, have been treated to a mundane stream-of-consciousness blog post (sans the typos, which I bother me enough to correct).

Have a nice day.


da_baum said…
Sorry, I had to laugh at your parenthetical statement...
"Sans the typos, which I bother me enough to correct."

Way to have a typo while talking about how typos bother you. :)
RS said…
Oh dear. I thought I had erased all evidence of the original wording of the sentence! But I suppose I shall just leave it there....
Anonymous said…
You know you'll never live this down.
Careful Carol said…
Don't feel badly! I tend to be a perfectionist in proofreading, too, and I read this entry and didn't even catch it! So now I'm red-faced!

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